Current Air Pollution Levels
Air Quality Monitoring Station: Sanjay Palace  Date : Thursday, January 17, 2019
Type of Area: Industrial Residential Rural and Other Area  Time :10:40:48 PM
Current Air Pollution Levels
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Date Time : 17/01/2019 22:15:00 
ParametersDateTimeConcentrationUnitConcentration (previous 24 Hours) / Prescribed StandardRemarks
Nitric Oxide17/01/201922:15:00217.71 µg/m3 106.56 µg/m3  
Nitrogen dioxide17/01/201922:15:00189.50 µg/m3 150.13 µg/m3
Data under scrutiney

Prescribed Standard : 80.00 µg/m3
Oxides of Nitrogen17/01/201922:15:00197.50 ppb112.93 ppb 
Sulfur Dioxide17/01/201922:15:0052.92 µg/m3 24.23 µg/m3
Prescribed Standard : 80.00 µg/m3
Carbon Monoxide17/01/201922:15:003.79 mg/m3 1.60 mg/m3
Prescribed Standard : 4.00 mg/m3
Ozone17/01/201922:15:0019.60 µg/m3 19.80 µg/m3  
Relative Humidity17/01/201922:15:0071.00 %48.93 % 
Wind Speed 17/01/201922:15:000.30 m/s1.30 m/s 
Wind Direction17/01/201922:15:00NA 352.50  
PM2.517/01/201922:15:00376.00 µg/m3207.52 µg/m3 
Benzene17/01/201922:15:0011.48 µg/m3 4.49 µg/m3  
Xylene17/01/201922:15:0072.91 µg/m3 22.68 µg/m3  
Vertical Wind Speed17/01/201922:15:00-0.20 m/s-0.20 m/s 
Solar Radiation17/01/201922:15:0011.00 W/m210.11 W/m2 
Bar Pressure17/01/201922:15:00745.00 mmHg745.70 mmHg 
Rainfall17/01/201922:15:000.00 mm---
Data under scrutiney
* Prescribed Standard for CO and OZONE is one hourly Average
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